Private Guided Tours in Capri and surrounding

Private Guided Tours in Capri and surrounding

Guide Capri - Tours in Capri

Attractions in Capri

What’s so nice to see in Capri? Here are the most famous places to visit on the island during your holiday.

Shopping in Capri Shopping in Capri

Capri is a real paradise for shopaholics: long and narrow streets of Via Camerelle and on all the little streets around, you will find boutiques with leading worldwide designers.

Villa Jovis Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis is the most important of the 12 villas that the Emperor Tiberius had built during his stay in Capri.

The Stacks (Faraglioni) The Stacks (Faraglioni)

They can be very well seen, and can be well photographed from the Gardens of Augusto and from the viewpoint of Tragara.

The Blue Grotto The Blue Grotto

The special blue of the Cave is due to a second entrance located under sea level that filters out sunlight.

La Piazzetta La Piazzetta

This is the heart of Capri and along with the Faraglioni is definitely the best known place and visited on the island.

Gardens of Augustus Gardens of Augustus

This is the best place to take a picture with the Faraglioni in the background.

Villa San Michele Villa San Michele

This was the home built in Capri by the Swedish doctor and writer Axel Munthe.

Monte Solaro Monte Solaro

Climbing to the top of Monte Solaro is the perfect way to enjoy the most beautiful view of Capri

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