Private Guided Tours in Capri and surrounding

Private Guided Tours in Capri and surrounding

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Capri Private Excursions

There are three levels on which Capri extends and three ways to visit it: by sea, by land or by both combined.

If you choose to visit Capri by sea, you’ll have a goiter at your disposal (the typical caprese boat) and to guide you, there will be our captain with fresh fruit and sparkling wine. With him you will visit the coves and secret caves of Capri. You will pass under the arch of the Faraglioni and visit the famous Blue Grotto.

To get around the island, you can choose the convertible car with a chauffeur (the typical Caprese Taxi), to go up along the scenic route from Marina Grande that reaches Capri.

The private driver will take you to the Piazzetta to give you a touch of glamor during your day in Capri and to take a walk through the Gardens of Augustus. Meanwhile, why not do some shopping among the luxury boutiques of Via Camerelle.

Or, you can choose to go from Marina Grande to Capri with the Funicolare.

Capri is a must even from another point of view, the top: the top of Monte Solaro, where you can take the chair lift with your feet suspended in the open air. From here the view of the Amalfi Coast and the island will seem like a dream.

To discover the beauty of Capri we also recommend to let yourselves be transported into the story by those who know it well: our local tourist guides.

Tell us how you want to experience Capri and together, we will organize your unforgettable experience.

  • Driver Only
  • Guide Only
  • Boat Only
  • Driver + Boat
  • Driver + Guide
  • Guide + Boat
  • Driver + boat + Guide

Caprese Taxi

The famous convertible Caprese Taxi, especially built for the island,is white on the outside and colored inside, with a typical awning. Relive the most famous film scenes shot in Capri! The Caprese Taxis can accommodate up to 6 people.

Gozzo Caprese

Wooden boat, with a sundeck. On board you will find fruit and champagne, towels and snorkeling equipment.
At the helm of the boat, is the captain’s quarter, obviously Caprese: a true man of the sea!

Caprese Guide

Our guides are all local and this is why they know the island well and will be happy to share
their knowledge with you.

The Funicular

The funicular, the typical red train, connects the port of the Marina Grande to the center of Capri in just 4 minutes. You will find it right in front of the pier of the arrivals, while the ticket office in on the right.


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Capri Hiking Tour

Capri Hiking Tour

Walk suspended between sea and land along the most beautiful scenic trails of Capri with an expert guide at your side.

Excursions for organized groups

Excursions for organized groups

Booking this organized tour to Capri will include a local guide with whom you will all spend a Caprese day together.